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World premiere of modern french opera by Laurent Petitgirard!

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    2018-09-28 19:00
    2018-09-29 19:00
    2018-09-30 18:00
    2018-10-02 19:00
    2019-04-13 19:00
  • Miejsce: Main Hall
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Guru – world premiere at the Castle Opera in Szczecin
28 September 2018.

It is an outstanding work by Laurent Petitgirard, to a libretto by Xavier Maurel, which will be directed by Damian Cruden, artistic director of York Theatre Royal. The conductor's podium will be taken by none other than the composer himself. Soloists will include such world-renowned opera celebrities as Dutch base Huub Claessens, French tenor Paul Gaugler and actress Sonia Petrovna.
Guru is a look at the final days of a sect, ruled over by an obsessed leader. At first, his goal was to simply deprive his faithful of their possessions. But Guru starts to believe in his supernatural power; he wants to be a saviour, a prophet. The demonic leader begins preparations for a great “journey”, which will allow the faithful to meet on an incorporeal plane of existence. Only a single woman ­ Marie, a recently accepted member of the sect ­ opposes the Guru. Keeping her reason in the face of mass insanity, she clearly stands out among the other characters. She fights the Guru in order to stop the machine of evil, save herself and others.
Guru is an opera with a profound meaning. After all, mind control is a common phenomenon. Here is a fragment of an interview with composer Laurent Petitgirard:
“Psychological manipulation is more than just a sect issue...
It happens within families, at work, in politics. It is the primary technique used by dictators.
What is the Guru like? Is he a demon? Who is he really?
He is seductive and full of charm, and then extremely violent. He wants to dominate and destroy all opposition. But the worst part is that he is starting to believe what he himself has contrived.
How is it possible for so many to believe a single person?
It is such a convenient thing ­ to surrender one's spiritual freedom and obey commands. Hitler was somewhat like the Guru. Fear, which is in all of us, may lead to horrifying actions.
Can this terrifying story told by your opera be a warning?
It is an activist opera. I believe that mental manipulation is a huge problem of societies. One just has to flick through newspapers or watch news programmes on TV to notice that. Terrorists who commit suicide are examples of victims of such manipulation ­ of that I am certain.”

poster: Mariusz Filipowicz

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Composer: Laurent Petitgirard
Libretto: Xavier Maurel

World Premiere: 28.09.2018
The Castle Opera in Szczecin, Poland

The Castle Opera thanks Jean-François Godin and the Investimo Company (Paris) for their support.

Director  Damian Cruden
Music Director Laurent Petitgirard
Associate Music Director Jerzy Wołosiuk
Set designer Jérôme Bourdin
Costume Designer Dominique Louis
Lighting Designer  Maciej Igielski
Chorus Master Malgorzata Bornowska
Vocal Master Mari Laurila-Lili
Assistant Director  
 Assistant Conductor Antonina Banaś
Associate Costume Designer Agata Tyszko

 Guru Hubert Claessens,
Marcin Habela
 Marie Sonia Petrovna
Victor Paul Gaugler,
Juan Noval-Moro
Iris Bożena Bujnicka,
Magdalena Marchewka

Janusz Lewandowski,
Guillaume Dussau

Marthe Gosha Kowalinska,
Ewa Zeuner
New Disciple 1 Lucyna Boguszewska
New Disciple 2 Iga Caban
New Disciple 3 Sandra Klara Januszewska
New Disciple 4 Paweł Wolski
New Disciple 5 Tomasz Łuczak
New Disciple 6 Rafał Pawnuk

Chorus and Orchestra of The Castle Opera in Szczecin

Conductor Laurent Petitgirard,
Jerzy Wołosiuk