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Imre Kálmán

Countess Maritza

Superproduction of the Opera at the Castle! Operetta hit, which is a must see!
3 hours (including two intermissions)
Main hall
Ticket price

45-120 zł

Imre Kálmán

Countess Maritza

The premiere

22 / 06 / 2014

She ? the Countess, surrounded by a bunch of admirers, and yet lonely. He ? an impoverished count, pretending to be a bailiff, looking for a job. The story of a great love and aristocrats' disguises, where the last word belongs to the rich aunt, who rescues the lovers from a love disaster and... financial ruin. The creators of Szczecin's Countess Maritza took a fresh look on the classical operetta, filling it with grotesque and surrealism, going into areas of fantasy and dreams.

Projekt plakatu: Diana Marszałek

About the show

Imre Kálmán (1882?1953)
Countess Maritza
Operetta in three acts
Libretto: Julius Brammer and Alfred Grünwald
Libretto translated by: Agnieszka Feill, Władysław Krzemiński, Artur Tur
Dialogues edited by: Natalia Babińska
Performed in Polish

It is performed with the consent of Josef Weinberger Ltd. publishing.

Theatre staff
Music director Jerzy Wołosiuk
Direction  Natalia Babińska
Scenography and costume design Martyna Kander
Light direction Maciej Igielski
Choreography  Karol Urbański
Jiřina Nowakowska (step)
Choir preparation Małgorzata Bornowska
Assistant Director  Mirosław Kosiński


Hrabina Marica   
Hrabia Tasillo  
Baron Koloman Żupan   
Książę Populescu   
Księżna Cudenstain   
Karol Stefan Liebenberg     
Orchestra, choir and ballet of the Opera at the Castle   
Stage management      


The management of the Opera at the Castle reserves the right to make changes in the cast and in the repertoire