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The Szczecin opera house is the only facility of this type in Poland, located in a historic castle. Thanks to a thorough reconstruction completed in November 2015, Szczecin gained one of the most modern musical theaters in Europe. The spaces of the Opera at the Castle combine in an extraordinary way the unique atmosphere of the old Pomeranian Dukes' Castle with very modern, designer interiors in black and white colors, dominated by materials such as granite, glass and wood. The building has been adapted to the highest standards and needs of both viewers and artists. The air-conditioned building, equipped with elevators, in which the highest-quality materials and finishing quality were taken care of, makes staying in it a pure pleasure. The theater has two concert halls: the main one for 550 people and the small one for 100-120 people. Both have been equipped with the latest technology, which makes the Opera at Castle one of the best conditions in Europe in terms of acoustics and stage technology. The acoustics of both scenes are dynamic and can be adapted to different pieces depending on the number of viewers, the composition of the orchestra, the type of the piece, or even the period in which it was composed. This fact distinguishes Szczecin on the musical map of the Old Continent. In addition, the Opera at the Castle has an exhibition space in the form of the O. Gallery, which is distinguished by a reconstructed, hand-carved Renaissance ceiling beams. It is the only vault of this type in Western Pomerania.