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Giuseppe Verdi

A Masked Ball

A performance prepared on the occasion of the grand opening of the rebuilt Opera House at the Castle.
ok. 2 godz. 55 min (w tym dwie przerwy)
Main hall

Giuseppe Verdi

A Masked Ball

The premiere

20 / 11 / 2015

A Masked Ball of Giuseppe Verdi is a true opera masterpiece. Almost quintessential for this music genre. It is filled with beautiful music, and as regards the libretto it tells a dramatic story of love, jealousy, conspiracy and crime, which take place against the background of court chambers and with a climax during the title ball. But there is even more ? a peculiarity which connects this masterpiece with Szczecin. One of the earlier versions of the plot was telling a story taking place in a castle in Szczecin! It is hard to imagine a better place for performing it in Poland than the seat of the Opera at the Castle.

?Famous for the momentum of his productions and courageous stage visions, the director has not disappointed the audience?. ~Dziennik Teatralny

?Instead of looking for metaphors to contemporary politics as other directors do, [the director] betted on the attractive visuals?. ~Rzeczpospolita

About the show

Music: Giuseppe Verdi (1813?1901)

Libretto:  Antonio Somma based on the libretto of Eug?ne Scribe

Melodramma in three acts

The original Italian language version with Polish subtitles

The world premiere: Rome, Teatro Apollo, February 17, 1859

The Polish premiere: Warsaw, Teatr Wielki, October 22, 1865

The premiere ? the Opera at the Castle in Szczecin, November 20, 2015 to celebrate The New Opening


Theatre staff
Reżyseria i scenografia Waldemar Zawodziński
Kierownictwo muzyczne Vladimir Kiradjiev
Kostiumy Maria Balcerek
Choreografia i ruch sceniczny Janina Niesobska
Reżyseria świateł  Waldemar Zawodziński
Przygotowanie chóru  Małgorzata Bornowska
Asystent reżysera Mirosław Kosiński



Lucyna Boguszewska (12.10),
Joanna Tylkowska-Drożdż (13.10)

Gustaw III Max Jota
Hrabia Ankarstrom Tomasz Łuczak
Ulryka Ewa Zeuner
Oskar Victoria Vatutina
Christian Krzysztof Bobrzecki
Hrabia Ribbing Adam Tomaszewski
Hrabia Horn Janusz Lewandowski
Sędzia Paweł Wolski
Służący Amelii Piotr Zgorzelski
Śmierć Andrzej Kieć
Orkiestra, chór i balet Opery na Zamku   
Dyrygent Vladimir Kiradjiev
Inspicjent Maria Malinowska-Przybyłowicz