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Johann Strauss syn

The Revenge of the Bat

A story of one ball, during which there takes place a series of hilarious mistakes which cause an avalanche of... laughter! Great fun guaranteed!
3 hours 25 minutes
(including two intermissions)
Main hall
Ticket price

45-120 zł

Johann Strauss syn

The Revenge of the Bat

The premiere

09 / 03 / 2012

The story, which starts in a middle-class house, goes through a ballroom to finish... in a prison; it has entertained the audience all around the world for almost one and a half century. The intrigue, costumes, waltzes and cuples  – all that creates a unique atmosphere and lets you enjoy a fantastic evening in the opera, filled with singing and laughing...

"If you take a closer look at the three acts, it is easy to see that they represent three different worlds: act I is a French boulevard comedy, based on a witty dialogue, funny and surprising situations and bold erotics; act II is a typical operetta in a new  –  then  – style, full of masquerades and incredible qui pro quo caused by them, full of dance, champagne and finished with a powerful finale like in opera buffa; act III is a Viennese farce. Strauss took upon himself the task to connect these three worlds with one type of music, to impose stylistic homogeneity".
Lucjan Kydryński

Projekt plakatu: Vadim Kornacki

About the show

Johan Strauss II (1825-1899)
The Revenge of the Bat (Die Fledermaus)
Operetta in three acts
Libretto: Karl Haffer, Richard Genee
Libretto translated by: Ryszard Danel Golianek
Dialogues translated by: Julian Tuwim
The world premiere: Apr 5, 1874, Theater an der Wien 
The premiere: March 9, 2012 

Theatre staff
Music direction Wojciech Semerau-Siemianowski
Direction Jitka Stokalska
Scenography and costume design  Łucja Kossawska
Choreography  Natalia Fedorowa
Choir preparation Małgorzata Bornowska
Assistant Conductors Ewelina Rożek-Janowska, 
Norbert Twórczyński
Assistant Director Wiesław Łągiewka


Gabriel von Eisenstein Adam Zdunikowski

Lucyna Boguszewska

Adela    Aleksandra Bałachowska       
Dr Falke  Tomasz Łuczak     
Alfred    Paweł Wolski 
Frank  Bartłomiej Tomaka
Gigi Orlofsky  Tomasz Raczkiewicz
Dr Blind  Piotr Zgorzelski 
Ida  Anna Rosa
Frosch  Wiesław Łągiewka
Adiutant  Dariusz Hibler   
Iwan Andrzej Brzeskot
Orchestra, choir and ballet of the Castle Opera  
Conductor Grzegorz Berniak
Stage management   Marta Miklińska


The management of the Opera at the Castle reserves the right to make changes in the cast and in the repertoire