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Benjamin Britten

The Turn of the Screw

The show considered by the jury of XI Jan Kiepura Theatre Music Awards the best show of 2016 in Poland. ?The Turn of the Screw? was also awarded for the best direction and scenography.
ok. 2 godz. 15 min (w tym jedna przerwa)
Main hall
Ticket price

35-85 zł

Benjamin Britten

The Turn of the Screw

The premiere

20 / 05 / 2016

The suspenseful opera thriller, based on the novella of Henry James is in the world canon among the most eminent opera masterpieces of the XX century. The action takes place in a house in Victorian England which is hiding dark secrets. A series of events and music, like a screw, pushes the audience deeper and deeper into the sense of insecurity and fear.


?It has definitely been the best show of this season (no, actually of many seasons!), which we had a chance to see, including the renowned stages.?

?This opera is a horror as precise as the prose by Stephen King? Rzeczpospolita

?It really is an exquisite show. In all aspects.?

?This chamber show is one of the best I have seen in Polish theatres this season.? Polityka

?The Turn of the Screw in Szczecin is a very good show. The beautiful, yet at the same time mysterious and troubling music of Britten, stays with you for a long time.? Więzi

About the show

The Turn of the Screw (Dokręcanie śruby), op. 54

Benjamin Britten (1913?1976)

Opera in 2 acts with a prologue

Libretto by Myfanwy Piper based on the novella of Henry James

The original English language version with Polish subtitles

Libretto translated into Polish by Katarzyna Bieńkowska

The premiere May 20, 2016 (the first Polish staging)

The premiere prepared with the support of Britten-Pears Foundation ? Britten Award

The performances take place with the consent of Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers Ltd.

Theatre staff
Kierownictwo muzyczne Jerzy Wołosiuk
Reżyseria Natalia Babińska
Scenografia i kostiumy Martyna Kander
Reżyseria świateł Maciej Igielski
Projekcje multimedialne Ewa Krasucka
Ruch sceniczny Karol Urbański


Guwernantka Ewa Olszewska (12.12)
Aleksandra Wiwała (13.12)
Miles Alex Karczewski
Flora Hanna Papa
Mrs Grose Kathleen Wilkinson
Peter Quint Karol Kozłowski
Miss Jessel Bożena Bujnicka
Orkiestra Opery na Zamku w Szczecinie  
Dyrygent Jerzy Wołosiuk
Inspicjentki Katarzyna Berowska
Maria Malinowska-Przybyłowicz


Dyrekcja Opery na Zamku w Szczecinie zastrzega sobie prawo do zmian w obsadach i repertuarze.