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Robert Glumbek, Kevin O'Day

A Weird World / Coming Together

A ballet show to the music of Ewa Demarczyk, Marek Grechuta, Czesław Niemen, Frederic Rzewski
1 hour 40 minutes (including one intermission)
Main hall
Ticket price

40-80 zł

Robert Glumbek, Kevin O'Day

A Weird World / Coming Together

The premiere

02 / 07 / 2021

"Music is a life-giving force".
Frederic Rzewski

(...) We all know these lyrics, there is such a power in them, such force. The song Dziwny jest ten świat, which says how a man is despised by another, it may be considered the very essence of what we are observing in the world(...) I wish it was all heading for a happy ending. That's what I hope for. That one day we'll leave all the conflicts behind, we'll grow to accept. "That there are more people of goodwill" – as Niemen sang (...) I'm an idealist. I believe in people. I generally live in Canada, in the country which has gone through some major changes. Each person is just themselves there, whoever they want to be. (...) I wish it was like that everywhere. That's the world I believe in and I hope I'm building a little piece of it through this show.
Excerpts from an interview with the choreographer Robert Glumbek.
The project Coming Together is based on the concept of the real feeling of belonging. It is our task to accept the fact that we are a part of some group. Sometimes it is easy for people to be together, and sometimes it turns out to be impossible. There are people we build relationships with easily, with no hardships, but we also encounter people we have no common language with. Cooperation does not always work. We know, however, that aiming for being united remains the highest human value. Moreover, while creating the show, we have worked among others on a composition of an American of Polish background while we ourselves are creative representatives of both cultures: the American and the Polish one. As regards choreography we base it both on the aesthetics of contemporary ballet and the classical one. The emphasis on diversity of dance styles, we owe it to the dancers themselves. This cooperation made us come together. It has been a very personal process, both for the choreographers and the dancers.
An excerpt of a statement of the choreographer Kevin O'Day.
Coming Together and Attica were composed by Frederic Rzewski. Published in 1974 they have remained timeless. They have been subjected to various interpretations, both as regards music and dance. The Opera at the Castle has also taken up the challenge to get the audience acquainted with these breakthrough masterpieces of avant garde art by having the libretto translated into Polish (with the composer's consent) for the first time ever.

Katarzyna Huzar-Czub:
The opportunity to translate the text used as a libretto of Coming Together has been my great pleasure. Poetic translation is my favourite kind; I had to, however, remember about the context in which the piece was created. Melville wrote a poem totally unaware of the fact! It was Frederic Rzewski, dividing sentences in a specific way, who broadened the field for interpretation for us, the audience. The translation of Attica turned out to be a challenge. A simple sentence turned out to be not so simple. Luckily, it is Konrad Pawicki who is reading the text. It would be rude to worry!


Projekt plakatu Agata Pełechaty na podstawie zdjęcia Ewy Podleckiej

About the show

Świecie dziwny


Pocałunki – wyk. E. Demarczyk, muz. Z. Konieczny, sł. M. Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska / Karuzela z Madonnami – wyk. E. Demarczyk, muz. Z. Konieczny, sł. M. Białoszewski / Grande Valse Brillante – wyk. E. Demarczyk, muz. Z. Konieczny, sł. J. Tuwim / Niepewność – wyk. M. Grechuta, muz. J.K. Pawluśkiewicz, sł. A. Mickiewicz / Ocalić od zapomnienia, wyk. i muz. M. Grechuta, sł. K.I. Gałczyński / Dziwny jest ten świat – wyk., muz. i sł. C. Niemen / Zabawa w ciuciubabkę – wyk. i muz. C. Niemen, sł. J. Grań/ Obok nas – wyk. C. Niemen, muz. W. Piętowski, sł. J. Odrowąż / Niepotrzebni – wyk. C. Niemen, muz. M. Zimiński, sł. M. Gaszyński

Records used:
Ewa Demarczyk śpiewa piosenki Zygmunta Koniecznego ℗ 1963, 1967 Polskie Nagrania ℗© 2020 Warner Music Poland, A Warner Music Group Company / Marek Grechuta – Złota Kolekcja vol. 1 i 2 ℗ 2008 © 2016 Warner Music Poland, A Warner Music Group Company / Czesław Niemen  Złota Kolekcja ℗© 2000 Warner Music Poland, A Warner Music Group Company / Niemen Sukces ℗ 2015 Warner Music Poland, A Warner Music Group Company. Płyta wydana przy współpracy z Fundacją im. Czesława Niemena

Coming Together

Coming Together, Attica – music Frederic Rzewski

Theatre staff
Staging and choreography:   
Świecie dziwny Robert Glumbek 
Coming Together Kevin O'Day
Music director Coming Together Jerzy Wołosiuk
Scenography and costume design  Tijana Jovanović
Light direction Dawid Karolak


Obsada ogólna  
Świecie dziwny  
  Nadine De Lumé
  Aleksandra Głogowska
  Emma McBeth
  Martina Vanzetto
  Julia Safin
  Damiano Maffeis
  Giulio Refosco
  Anton Mladenov
  Paweł Wdówka
  Rena Miyamoto (13.01), 
Aleksandra Januszak-Kacperska (14.01)
Coming Together  
  Chiara Belloni
  Nayu Hata
  Aleksandra Januszak-Kacperska (13.01),
Rena Miyamoto (14.01)
  Boglárka Novák
  Stéphanie Nabet
  Roger Bernad Paretas
  Patryk Kowalski
  Taiga Ueno
  Alessandro Imperiali
  Kazutora Komura
voice Konrad Pawicki
saxophone Maciej Marcinkowski
viola Edyta Prątnicka
cello Wojciech Jaworski
percussion  Dominika Sobkowiak
digital grand piano Olga Bila
synthesiser Michał Landowski
bass guitar Marek Kwarta
Conductor Jerzy Wołosiuk
Stage management Katarzyna Berowska



Dofinansowano ze środków Ministra Kultury, Dziedzictwa Narodowego i Sportu pochodzących z Funduszu Promocji Kultury w ramach programu ?Taniec?, realizowanego przez Narodowy Instytut Muzyki i Tańca