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Since 1994 at the Opera at the Castle there has been active Stowarzyszenie Miłośników Opery i Operetki (SMOiO –  Association of Opera and Operetta Aficionados), created on the initiative of opera music lovers: Halina Drabek, Barbara Zielińska-Kwietniowska, Ludwik Kwietniowski and Roman Kraszewski.

The purpose of the Association is to raise active, aware and demanding opera listeners; developing the knowledge of opera, operetta and their creators; popularisation of Polish and world masterpieces of opera, operetta, ballet and musical; supporting and promoting the activities of the Opera at the Castle.

The programme of the Association is realised during weekly meetings when music lovers who belong to SMOiO improve their knowledge on life and work of opera composers; they get to know opera and operetta masterpieces both in traditional and modern interpretations; they take part in presentations on the direction of development of the opera art; they study the aspects of ballet and admire the work of the greatest ballet choreographers in the world; they meet the artists of the Opera at the Castle; they have contact with young vocalists and instrumentalists from music schools and Art Academy in Szczecin; they have access to current news on music thanks to magazines subscribed by SMOiO "Muzyka 21", "Twoja Muza". The president of SMOiO is Dorota Walkowiak.