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Virtual stroll

We are inviting you for a virtual walk around our renovated building, which was ceremoniously opened on November 20, 2015. Stand on the main stage, visit the balconies, take a look into the foyer, the South Gallery, the Jacek Nieżychowski Minor Hall, VIP Lounge and discover the old foundations of the West Pomeranian Dukes – Castle on the -2 floor. Are you planning to visit us for the first time? Check how to get to the Main Hall. Or perhaps you just wish to see how much we have changed? Any reason is good enough. Take a peek by clicking on the link below. We hope that what you will see will encourage you to visit us in the future. So see you!


The buttons to move between floors of the building you fill find in the right bottom corner of the screen. Use the direction arrows to move around each floor. By holding the left button on your mouse you may turn around. Have a nice walk!


Start the virtual stroll


The investment entitled "Reconstruction of the Opera at the Castle in Szczecin" was realised within the Regional Operational Programme of West Pomeranian Voivodeship for 2007-2013.




Inwestycja pod nazwą ?Przebudowa Opery na Zamku w Szczecinie? realizowana jest w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Zachodniopomorskiego na lata 2007-2013. Podpisana dnia 31.01.2012 r. umowa opiewa na kwotę dofinansowania 40 910 156,30 złotych, co stanowi 75% całkowitych wydatków kwalifikowalnych projektu. Pozostała kwota na realizację inwestycji pochodzi z Dotacji Celowej Województwa Zachodniopomorskiego. Koszt całkowity inwestycji wynosi 67 139 675,39 złotych.